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Minimum order for 10 Guests

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Scrambled Eggs

Local Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs 

$4 Per Person

Low Calorie Wrap

Egg Whites/Spinach/Broccoli/Tomato/

$7 Per Person

Western Bagel Sandwich 

Scrambled Eggs/Ham/onion/Bell Peppers

$6 Per Person

L.E.S Bagel Sandwich 

Scrambled Eggs/Bacon/ American cheese

$6 Per Person


Served with Butter & Syrup

$5.50 Per Person

French Toast 

Served with Butter & Syrup

$5.50 Per Person

Breakfast Parfait

Granola/Greek Yogurt/Farm Berries

$7 Per Person

Breakfast Side

Choice of Bacon/Ham/Sausage

$3 Per Person

Assorted Pastries Platter

Cheese Danishes/Cinnamon Rolls/

Croissants/Assorted Fruit Danishes

Serves 10 Guests

$35 Per Platter

Assorted Yogurt Muffins 

Chocolate Chip/Blueberry/Corn/

Banana Nut 

Serves 10 Guests

$30 Per Platter

L.E.S Fruit Salad Platter



Small: Serves 10 Guests

Large: Serves 20 Guests

Small: $50

Large: $75

New York Bagel Platter 

Bagels Served with Cream Cheese 

Grape Jelly/Strawberry Jam

$3 Per Person

Lox Bagel Platter

Bagels Served with Cream Cheese and Lox

$7 Per Person

Home Fries

$3 Per Person